The Family Ministry Center (FMC) is a place and a people of refuge for Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton neighborhood and beyond so that God can be made famous. Founded by and accountable to Bay Presbyterian Church, the FMC practices a model of mutually engaged partnership with nearly twenty organizations. Framed by an overarching commitment to sustainable community development, the mostly nonprofit-partners of the FMC work in a wide range of arenas including urban renewal, alternative education, church-planting, the arts, international missions, transitional care for veterans, and more.

Located at the campus of the former Blessed Sacrament Catholic parish in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood, the FMC provides essential infrastructure support to its partners in the form of sound, collaborative space and a wealth of administrative resources, while additionally housing residents who live in onsite, intentional community. Having cultivated a culture of openness and generosity, the FMC and its partners enjoy a synergy which releases collective capacity, celebrates individual achievement, and births new opportunities.

Ancient Path

Location @ the FMC
Recording Studio: Sanctuary, Lower Level
Offices: School Building, Room 102

While providing the foundations and training for spiritual formation and the deeper life of authentic Christianity, the Ancient Path Community will also be a center for the arts—providing a rich, culturally and intellectually stimulating atmosphere for artists to create in community, as well as solitude. Undistracted in the simple, natural setting, artists will find a place of peace, healing, inspiration and encouragement.

Concerts, dance performances, theater productions and visual arts exhibits, as well as discussion groups, writers’ salons, and a broad spectrum of creative opportunities will provide excellent events for the people in the surrounding region to enjoy and participate.


The Bridge Avenue School

Location @ the FMC
School Building, 2nd Floor
Dan McElwain, Principal/teacher

The Bridge Avenue School (TBAS) is comprised of students in grades 5–8 who have made the commitment to attend school and do homework daily. The students may struggle with mental health concerns, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, or personal struggles outside of school. TBAS believes each student is God’s masterpiece. Students commit to attending three years at TBAS before moving on to high school.

In August 2014, TBAS began its fourth year in the School Building at the FMC. At present, ten students are enrolled, with the space to grow to at least 30 students in the next several years. Volunteer tutors, lunch providers, and lunchroom aides are a key part of their strategy and offer crucial support to the staff at the school.


Building Hope in the City

Trinity Lutheran, 2031 W 30th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Building Hope in the City’s (BHITC) mission is to restore the city to God by developing and linking people, communities and churches. They focus these efforts in four main areas:

  1. Urban community development and church-planting
  2. Equipping congregations to serve their communities effectively
  3. Welcoming and partnering with refugees and immigrants
  4. Training and deploying God's people to serve in the city

BHITC offers a wide range of Christ-centered programs and is open to expand and replicate any which would best suited to advance the mission of the FMC. To date, BHITC has partnered with the FMC to host training events, support of metroChurch, and with tutoring outreach.


Ephraim House

Location @ the FMC
Ephraim House (former rectory)
Stephen and Danielle Piscura

In pursuit of Jesus, Ephraim House exists to bear fruit in its neighborhood and repair the ruins of its city by upholding its community Rule.

Ephraim House envisions an enduring, monastic family living as priests before God, welcoming the stranger and sojourner, collaboratively ministering the holistic gospel to a once-blighted neighborhood, actively pursuing the welfare of the city, contending for the advance of God’s Kingdom in the nations, and bringing fame to the name of the Lord.

The Rule of Ephraim House is defined in this way:

  1. Seven Practices
    1. The Practice of Prayer
    2. The Practice of Mission
    3. The Practice of Spiritual Disciplines and Learning
    4. The Practice of Mercy and Justice
    5. The Practice of Stewardship and Simplicity
    6. The Practice of Creativity
    7. The Practice of Hospitality
  2. Vow
  3. Ephraim House residents make an annual commitment to the practices of the Rule in the form of a vow. Each year residents discern their continued participation in the community in concert with other Ephraim House residents and its leadership, as well as FMC leadership. At this point, commitments are either renewed or concluded. In the latter case, residents then transition out of the home.

  4. Customary
  5. The customary provides targeted, practical ways of living out the community Rule. The customary is a living document and is always subject to change.

Sojourn at Ephraim Hosue

Community Service Alliance

Location @ the FMC
Fulton House (former convent)
Sandy’s House: 3640 Trowbridge Ave

Community Service Alliance (CSA) was founded in 2004 to introduce a new approach to individualized training and support, low rent housing, and transitional jobs for homeless persons. The mission of the organization is to be a catalyst for lasting relationships between people emerging out of homelessness and people willing to participate in their transformation. They accomplish that mission by providing affordable, short-term housing, identifying and securing local work experience and employment opportunities, and offering training that fosters personal, behavioral and spiritual support and development, all to promote the eventual independence and self-sufficiency of the men they serve.

Fulton House is CSA’s first replication of the work begun at Procop House, with a focus on meeting the needs of veterans emerging from homelessness. Sandy’s House, a second home on the FMC campus, was dedicated on June 13, 2013 and will serve six men interested in long-term community.


Cornerstone Pregnancies Services

Cherilyn Holloway

Cornerstone Pregnancies Services is focused on helping women who are pregnant through practical and relational resources. It is faith-based and life-affirming, providing education, support and healing to over 1,000 women each year.

Cornerstone of Hope

Location @ the FMC
School Building, Room 106
Julia Ellifritt, Education/Program Director

Based in Brecksville, OH, Cornerstone of Hope (COH) provides Christian grief-counseling and support for those who are experiencing grief in the form of death. COH is initially providing three, free services at the FMC:

  1. individual counseling on Wednesdays
  2. group sessions (Spanish, bi-lingual) on Monday evenings
  3. annual trauma camp for children

For information about group sessions, grief camp and afternoon, arts-related activities, contact Julia Ellifritt.

Katrina Williams , COH trauma specialist, offers grief counseling at the FMC on Wednesday afternoons to individuals, couples and/or families. All are welcome, but an appointment is required, which can be scheduled with an intake specialist by calling COH offices at 216-524-3787. Biblically based, these sessions are offered free of charge to any who’ve experienced the loss of death. Clients who hold different beliefs and/or worldviews are gladly welcomed.

Si habla español y llama después de horas, empuje x310 para escuchar información en español.


Fieldstone Counseling

Location @ the FMC
School Building, Room 106

Fieldstone Counseling exists to engage with life’s experiences through biblically based, Christ centered, and clinically informed counsel.


Greater Cleveland Youth for Christ

City Life Center: 3340 Trowbridge Ave
Jonny Fine, City Life Director

Youth for Christ (YFC) reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ and commitment to social involvement.

YFC's City Life ministries take place in complex and diverse urban settings where there is a convergence of social, economic, and spiritual dysfunction that has led to marginalization and alienation of people and communities. City Life ministry addresses this dysfunction through the presentation of a holistic gospel which seeks to empower people, promote justice, cultivate lifelong discipleship, and assists them in becoming agents of change for Christ in their communities.

The FMC is host to a YFC City Life ministry called GRIP (Growing Responsible Individuals with Purpose), a daytime alternate to suspension for teenagers in grades 7 thru 12. GRIP is supervised by its program manager and students who complete school work assignments receive full credit which allows them to remain academically sound. Furthermore, the FMC provides space to cultivate an ongoing presence for City Life near several of its key campuses: Lincoln West and Rhodes High Schools as well as Thomas Jefferson Middle School.


International Friendships

Cleveland State University
Case Western Reserve University

International Friendships is a community organization that works in partnership with colleges and universities and Christians volunteers to promote friendship for international students, scholars, and their families. International Friendship seeks volunteers to becomes friends to internationals in our community.

Journey Church

Location @ the FMC
Jose Gonzalez

Journey Church Metro Campus will launch on September 23, 2018 in the Sanctuary of the Family Ministry Center. Sunday worship services will be at 10:30 and 12:00. Starting in October, on the first Thursday of every month, there will be a Hunger and Thirst service at 7:00 p.m.


LivingStones Communities

3300 W 41st St, Cleveland, OH 44109
Michael and April Farris, Pastors

LivingStones Communities (LSC) live in communities as Jesus did with His disciples and as the Early Church did (Acts 2:42-47). The vision of LSC is summarized in 1 Peter 2:5–10: LivingStones transformed individually, precious and accepted by God, and being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Holy Spirit. This is expressed in a commitment to region transformation through daily worship and intercessions as well as a commitment to work cooperatively with other churches to equip in the arena of personal healing.

Notable LSC works include Beth-El, housing for women desiring freedom from specific lifestyles or addictions. LSC train people who offer homes to those with specific needs—addictions, abuse, destructive lifestyles, just to name a few. LSC is developing a men’s house as well as an east side home church.




Location @ the FMC
School Building, Multipurpose Worship Center
Dan Heuberger

metroChurch is a faith community seeking to:

  1. Lift up Jesus Christ here on Cleveland’s Near West Side, throughout Greater Cleveland, as well as around the world, and
  2. know Jesus Christ as the One who saves us from our sin, makes us holy and keeps us holy, heals us, and who is the King who is coming again.

metroChurch unites Cleveland’s diverse people with God and one another through love, in truth, by faith, with forgiveness, and for community.


Mountain of the Lord

Location @ the FMC
School Building, Multipurpose Worship Center
Napoleon Karr, Pastor

Committed to making disciples who love and proclaim Jesus, Mountain of the Lord (MotL) is a congregation lead by Napoleon Karr, a pastor originally from Liberia. When unexpected circumstances led to the loss of their building, MotL found a welcome home at the FMC where they offer Sunday worship services, a weekly prayer gathering, a youth group and youth leadership development.

In 201_, a MotL teamed with the Isaiah Project, a ministry of Bay Presbyterian Church, to visit Liberia and strengthen Kids Churches which had been planted by means of the Isaiah Project in previous years.


Nehemiah Collaborative


Nehemiah Collaborative brings positive transformation by acquiring, rehabilitating, and maintaining neighborhood properties while providing a network of spiritual and vocational support. The Current house being renovated is located on Trowbridge Avenue, two doors east of the FMC.

NEO House Church Network

Location @ the FMC
School Building, Room 101

NEO House Church Network ( NEO -HCN ) is a city-wide church comprised of numerous micro congregations. NEO -HCN is multigenerational and multi-cultural church organized into home and “third-place” gatherings. It is NEO -HCN ’s goal to reproduce leaders and plant house churches organized into neighborhood parishes of 10-15 house churches each, ultimately gathering one-hundred such parishes throughout Northeast Ohio. Each parish is commissioned to reach its immediate community and spearhead transformation.

NEO-HCN is deeply committed to international missions, leadership development, community development, evangelism and discipleship. Offices for the church are in Room 101. Large group gatherings are often held in the Sanctuary.


Scranton Road Ministries CDC

Location @ the FMC
School Building, Room 106
Chris Whitmore, Executive Director

Scranton Road Ministries actively contributes to the social, economic, spiritual and physical revitalization of Cleveland’s westside community and its people. Serving in Ohio’s most diverse neighborhood, they are committed to representing, protecting, and investing in youth and families, and to promoting a community-based economic development. They focus on impacting their neighbors with God’s redemptive love, and inspiring indigenous leaders.

Having space at the FMC provides the Scranton Road Ministries staff a base for neighborhood outreaches and their in-school work with Lincoln West and Rhodes High Schools. Ministry offered at the FMC will strengthen the relationships the staff and volunteers develop during the day and incorporate the Christian witness and faith training component into what they do after school.


Elu Dance Company

Location @ the FMC
Studio: School Building, Room 104
Offices: School Building, Rooms 108, 109

We create visceral, poignant, witty dance performance that captivates our audience, connecting them to a world beyond themselves. Using imagery, props and theatrical elements, we share stories from the voiceless and we open the imagination to a world of beauty and depth. Though at times dance is abstract in its form, we seek to remain transparent as performers in order to connect with our audience as fellow humans. We are passionate about making art that is excellent and compelling. Whether performed on stages, in train stations, in downtown alley ways or on dusty grounds, we believe our dance is a path to freedom.

Outside of performing dance, we create experiences where children (ages 0-99) can experience the power of freedom through movement. Whether for play or for performance opportunities, our participants engage with their body and imagination, finding new confidence and perspectives, strength and healing.

These experiences have been led through kids art camps, programs for vulnerable children in Cleveland and abroad and through movement therapy workshops for trauma survivors. In every place we find ourselves, in every face that we meet, we desire to share generously our love for people and passion for dance. Freedom is found on this path of healing and creativity.


December, 2015 Newsletter

Merry Christmas with Ancient Path Christmas Concert, Unchained Love, Rising Star Talent Show, New Year’s Eve prayer service, other opportunities!

Back-to-School Festival: A Success Story

Hamburgers, hot dogs, legos, a bounce house (!), backpacks, prayer blessings, a book giveaway, postcards to color, face-painting, a lemonade stand, music, dancers, and a karate demonstration…

August, 2015 Newsletter

Cmmunity gardening, a Day of Forgiveness, training events, new partners, and lots more

There shall be perpetual incense before the Lord throughout your generations…and the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God…

Exodus 30:8 / Revelation 8:3

Warmed and illuminated by the historical accounts of revival and awakening throughout the ages, as well as the widening blaze of the global prayer movement, the FMC and its partners endeavor to join our own light to the glow of this fire. Like the Apostles of the 1st century, the Celtic monastics of the Middle Ages or the Moravians of the modern era, we recognize and embrace the need for prayer to burn at the heart of mission—not merely in rhetoric, but in real and ongoing experience.

We therefore envision a prayer meeting at the FMC which has no end.

Show Map

The FMC is available for our partners to hold ongoing, periodic, or one-time events which are consistent with the overall mission and vision of the FMC. A variety of venues are available for functions of many kinds. A fee for use helps the FMC move toward its long-term goal of sustainability. Whenever a space is being rented, FMC staff work alongside partners to provide quality customer service, including proactively anticipating needs. This in turn allows our partners to focus on the work that’s been given to them by God. Milestone events in the lives of our partners, such as weddings, baptisms, baby dedications, and funerals, may also be hosted at the FMC.

While our first priority is serving our ongoing and committed partners, other congregations and ministries may schedule events at the FMC, provided that these events are consistent with the mission and vision of the FMC and that they further the vision of the group in question. The size of the FMC campus (five buildings, 69,100 sq. ft.) provides ample space for those who need it.

Lastly, the campus of the FMC is also available to nonprofits, especially those which focus on serving Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton neighborhood and/or those which can assist in supporting our partners to be more fruitful in their work and calling.

Ephraim House is a home where seven adults and three children live in onsite, intentional community. Residents of Ephraim House are committed to a monastic rhythm of life which centers on prayer, work, rest, and mission.

The home itself is equipped to host guests or teams who come to serve or retreat in the city and who are connected to the work and mission of the FMC’s partners. So while the Ephraim House is a house of hospitality, it is not in the hospitality industry. To this end and above all, interested parties are strongly encouraged to explore opportunities to share in mission and the joy of shared life with residents of the home.

Guest accommodations include many safe, comfortable beds, four full bathrooms (some of which are shared with residents) and use of the kitchen, dining and other shared living spaces. To begin a conversation about sojourning in the home, please follow the link below.

Whenever any type of maintenance or repair is needed at the FMC, please complete the maintenance request form and the need will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Whenever any cleaning is needed at the FMC, please send an email to and the need will be addressed as quickly as possible. In your email, please be sure to include:

  1. Location on campus (please be as specific as possible)
  2. A description of the cleaning need (please be as specific as possible)
  3. Requested completion date and time, if applicable
  4. Contact information, including telephone number

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the FMC. We appreciate you and your willingness to serve with our partners.

In order to comply with FMC policy and our insurance requirements, all individual volunteers must complete the following:

  1. Individual volunteer application
  2. Ministry in the Light overview and questionnaire
  3. Submit fee of $15 (memo: “Background check” and applicant’s name) to the central office of the FMC during regular business hours or via U.S. Mail.

Alternatively, congregations, community groups and other groups who would like to find a place for multiple volunteers must complete the group application.

These applications provide information regarding your experience, interests, availability, and other helpful information. Individuals completing the Ministry in the Light overview and questionnaire are giving permission to the FMC to obtain a background check from ADP, which will search a national sexual offenders’ database and other court records and release this information to the FMC. The fee of $15.00 will be used to defer the cost of the background check. For your reference: A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Thank you so much for your cooperation in this application process. The information submitted will insure the safety of everyone involved with the FMC.

United in common vision, we can accomplish so much more! Convinced of this, the FMC embraces partnership as core to its mission and serves its partners by offering quality facilities, fostering relational connections to those who are like-minded, and leveraging volunteers from across the Northeast Ohio region and beyond.

Prior to the founding of the FMC, some of our partners had long-enjoyed a partnering relationship with Bay Presbyterian Church (BPC) and so—assured of a common, proven commitment to the glory of God—it was only logical to invite them to take the next step into what we sensed God wanted to do through this work collectively. Others have since joined, bringing with them an enthusiasm for the collective mission and vision; embracing the realities of the city while filled with idealism and hope and a tenacity to seek God.

Step one in any potential partnership is prayer, whereby we genuinely seek discernment and the will of God. Additionally, BPC’s long history of partnership—and the FMC’s growing experience—affords the privilege of a large and interconnected network of relationships, whereby we’re very often enabled to gain reference concerning both organizational and essential theological compatibility (with the Apostles’ Creed and the Essential Tenets of the Reformed Faith serving as these essentials).

If you sense God leading you to explore partnership with the FMC, please complete the brief form linked below to begin the discernment process. Once processed, an appointment with FMC Executive Director Julie Jones may be requested.